Rain Barrel Program

Rainwater harvesting lets us save water from rainy days to use on lawns and gardens. Benefits include:
  • Providing a free source of water to your lawn and garden.
  • Helping protect your home's foundation from erosion.
  • Protecting our water supply from contaminants.
Depending on the needs of your landscape, a variety of different types of rainwater harvesting exist, from more portable rain barrels to larger water harvesting infrastructure such as cisterns. 
In the spring, the City of Frisco partners with Rainwater Solutions Inc. to offer discounted Ivy rain barrels. These 50-gallon recycled plastic rain barrels are made in the USA and are offered for a limited time for $67 for one barrel and a special price of $130 for two barrels. Ivy rain barrels are easy to assemble and install and are stable when full. 

How to Get a Rain Barrel

2017 Sale:

March 1 - April 7

Order and pay online, then print your receipt and bring it to the pick-up event on Saturday, April 22, between 9:00 a.m and 11 a.m. Frisco's pick-up event is located at the Frisco Public Works Department at 11300 Research Road.

Note: Rain barrels must be picked up at the event. They cannot be delivered to your home.

Want to learn more? Download a Rainwater Harvesting Guide offered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.