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Welcome to the Green Building Program 

"Green building" is a collection of land-use, building design, and construction strategies that reduce the environmental impacts of building construction and operation. Benefits of building green include:

     - reduced energy consumption 
     - reduced water consumption 
     - protection of ecosystems 

Frisco’s standards were developed and modified over time in a collaborative effort between citizens, developers, business owners, and elected and appointed officials. Frisco’s Green Building program and it’s updates have included hundreds of hours of stakeholder meetings over the years, resulting in a broad commitment to creating a community with discernable quality and uniqueness. 

Starting in July of 2007, the Green Building Program has been mandatory for ALL new commercial and multi-family structures. Since implementation: 

     - More than 7.7 million square feet of commercial space built.  
     - Several Energy Star™ and LEED® certified commercial buildings built.

Program Requirements

Commercial Green Building – Program regulates energy efficiency, heat island mitigation, impacts on air quality, water conservation, and construction and demolition waste recycling for non-residential and multifamily construction.

Please note, as of January 1, 2014, the Residential Green Building Program has been replaced by the latest adopted Residential Building Codes.

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