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Police Headquarters 

The Frisco Police Department's headquarters building is located at 7200 Stonebrook Parkway, directly across from Frisco High School.  The police department is centrally located within the city's limits, allowing officers to easily access all parts of the city quickly and easily.Raising the Flag

The headquarters building houses most all divisions and services associated with the police department, including: Administration, Community Services, Communications (a.k.a. Dispatch), Crime Analysis Unit, Criminal Investigations Division, Frisco City Jail, Patrol Division, Property & Evidence, Records Division, Recruiting & Training Unit, and the Traffic UnitSchool Resource Officers (SROs) are the only officers who do not work directly out of the police department, as they are individually assigned to schools throughout the Frisco Independent School District.

At one point, the police department utilized three separate facilities to house all of its personnel; however, in November 2006 we relocated to our new facility that consolidated all operations into approximately 90,000 square feet of available workspace. 

Frisco City Jail

The City of Frisco's jail facility is also housed in the police department's headquarters building.  The jail is fully staffed by detention officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  In 2010, the Frisco City Jail processed approximately $545,000 in bonds and fines for traffic tickets. 

The jail can house up to 41 inmates at any one time and utilizes five male cells, two female cells, five single cells, and one "drunk tank" for intoxicated prisoners.  Each cell can hold multiple prisoners.  In addition, there is a sally port, dual intake area for regular and intoxicated prisoners, bail waiting area, offices for jail administration, judge's arraignment room, visitors center, and a control room that electronically monitors the entire facility.

Training Facilities

In addition to general office space for all of the day-to-day work functions, administrators with the department had the foresight when designing the building to include specialized training facilities on-site to maintain a central location for all future growth and needs of the department. 

A 10-lane shooting range is available for officers to use year-round, regardless of weather.  The range has its own training room for classroom instruction, a cleaning workstation for weapons, accessibility for vehicles to be driven into the range and used in shooting exercises, moveable targets, and is capable of handling of all types of firearms, including patrol rifles.

In addition to the shooting range, the department built a concrete driving pad approximately 350' x 200' in size that is used for both patrol vehicle and motorcycle driver training.  Prior to the availability of the on-site driving pad, departmental personnel had to drive long distances to other locations throughout the metroplex for areas suitable for this type of training, costing the city extra money in fuel usage and time for the commute.

Lastly, a large classroom that can accommodate 70-100 students (depending on seating layout) is available for officer training, community presentations and meetings, press conferences, and the like.  The training room has two large flat screen televisions for PowerPoint and video presentations, as well as two projection monitors.  In addition, the room can be split in half with a moveable wall to create two separate training areas, thus doubling its effectiveness.





Frisco Police Department

Main Lobby

Main Lobby & Records Division

Training Room

Training Room

Patrol Briefing

Patrol Briefing Room


Dispatch Workstations

Weight Room

Weight Room

Indoor Shooting Rang

Indoor Shooting Range

Frisco City Jail

Jail Cells

Male Jail Cells

Jail Sally Port

Drunk Tank

"Drunk Tank"

Digital Fingerprints

Digital Fingerprint System

Crime Van and Patrol Unit

FPD's New Crime Van shown with a patrol unit in 2010.

Crime Lab

Crime Lab

Radio Tower

Digital Radio Tower

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