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Opt-Out Listings 

Reduce the amount of junk mail cluttering up your life! 

 Use the links below to 'opt-out' of automatically receiving many different
catalogues, credit card/financial solicitations, phone books and other bulk mailings. 


"The Frisco Book" Phone Directory
Environmental Services has partnered with Gordon Publications and MyLocalNumbers.com to offer Frisco residents an easy way to request that their phone directory no longer be delivered to you.


National Do Not Mail List
NOTE:  Once you register to opt-out with this website, your confirmation email contains more links to opting out of pre-screened credit offers and the Direct Marketing Association’s opt-out website.

Opt-Out Prescreen Service
Referenced by DirectMail.com and the Direct Marketing Association’s Opt-Out Website; allows users to opt-out of receiving offers as a result of credit companies pre-screening and releasing your credit information.

Catalog Choice:  Mail Stop Mobile App
Free downloadable mobile app allows you to take pictures of mail you no longer wish to receive and eventually stop many bulk mailings.

Fight Identity Theft.com
Offers information about opting out of bulk mailings as a way to protect your identity; contains additional information about how to stop telemarketing calls.

Federal Trade Commission: Your Right To Privacy
Information about your right to privacy.

Federal Trade Commission:  Opting out of bulk mailings and pre-screened credit offers.
Information about opting out of bulk mailings and pre-screened credit offers.

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