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Welcome to Environmental Services 


After August 1, yard waste will be collected on your regular service day alongside trash and recycling.  If your yard waste is missed, please call 972-292-5900 or email us at EnvironmentalServices@FriscoTexas.gov.  We will do our best to make sure it is collected.


At this time it is not necessary to contact Environmental Services to schedule removal of old carts. If your home still has one or more of the old CWD carts, please leave them out at the edge of your property.  If necessary, you may also bring them to our Environmental Collection Center at 6616 Walnut Street.  The city has contracted with a cart manufacturer to collect any leftover CWD carts.  The accelerated pickups will begin on Wed July 30, and all old carts should be removed within 10-14 business days.  We ask that you please leave old carts out every day, so that when the crews come around to collect them, yours are not missed.


If your trash or recycling is missed on your regular service day, please call or email us as soon as possible the following morning. It is less likely the Progressive drivers will be able to return to an area if misses are reported several days afterward.


Your call may go to voicemail when you call in, but please do not be discouraged.  Our small staff has been receiving thousands of calls each day.  To help us help you, please leave your name, complete address, call back number and a brief description of your issue in the voicemail.  We try to provide each resident with a return call, but if you do not receive one please rest assured that we have generated a service request with your information and passed it on to Progressive.



On August 1, 2014, as a result of a new franchise agreement, Progressive Waste Solutions will begin providing trash and recycling services for Frisco. One of the benefits of this transition will be brand new trash and recycling carts for every home in our city.

On June 2, CWD will begin removing carts from Frisco, one neighborhood at a time, and Progressive Waste Solutions will replace them with new carts simultaneously.  Our Environmental Services team has a plan to make this transition as smooth as possible:

1. Find out when cart replacements will happen in YOUR neighborhood.  Check out the city map here

2. Play it safe!  Put all carts out on every service day in June and July.

3. If you plan to be out of town on the day your cart replacement is scheduled, please contact us in advance at 972-292-5900 or at EnvironmentalServices@FriscoTexas.gov.  You can also ask a friend or neighbor you trust to roll your carts out for service that day, and roll them back up your driveway at the end of the day.

4. Please note that we can only replace carts that are out at the edge of your property.  We can not walk up driveways (private property) to retrieve carts.


Win FREE TRASH SERVICE by helping us ensure a smooth transition into the new waste contract! 
All residences who follow set-out rules on their scheduled cart replacement day will be entered into a drawing.  Twenty Frisco residences will win FREE TRASH SERVICE for one year! 


Frisco's Annual Community Clean-Up and Earth Day Celebration

Residents of all ages, from all across Frisco, helped clean and green our
streets, subdivisions and parks on Saturday, April 26.

Check out some photos of the event here, and see if
our cameras caught YOU "green-handed" this weekend!



Customer Service - EnvironmentalServices@FriscoTexas.gov
Billing Inquiries – EnvServicesBilling@FriscoTexas.gov


Our MissionTo be dedicated, environmentally responsible stewards of our community and the earth.

Our goal is to sustain and improve the quality of life of all who call Frisco their home and to safeguard our natural resources for present and future generations. We are responsible for residential recycling and trash services, commercial building waste and recycling services, environmental education and outreach, and household hazardous waste safe disposal.   

Our Team

(Please use main number 972-292-5900 for all customer service calls.)

Jeremy Starritt

Environmental Services Manager

(972) 292-5910



Jessica Jahnke

Environmental Collection Center Coordinator

(972) 292-5913



Molly Kinson

Environmental Education Coordinator

(972) 292-5914


James Emory

Environmental Waste Specialist

(972) 292-5915


Tania Arguello

Customer Services Representative

(972) 292-5918


Wendy Rodriguez

Customer Services Representative

(972) 292-5912



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