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Volunteering is not only a great way to meet your neighbors, but also to acquire leadership abilities, utilize current skills, and give back to your community.

By joining the City of Frisco's Waterwise Volunteer Group you will be able to participate in local WaterWise projects. The focus of these projects includes promoting water efficiency and preventing stormwater pollution in our community. Listed below are our current volunteer opportunities:                                                                                                               

Storm Drain Marking Project:  This program is ideal for groups, clubs, and organizations.  Volunteers will place an educational button on storm drain inlets located in Frisco neighborhoods as a reminder to keep litter, grass clippings, leaves, and chemicals away from storm drains.  Volunteers will be given the necessary materials, instruction, and training before starting.           

Water Efficiency Project: This program helps promote water conservation both indoors and outdoors. 
We will help create a project designed to fit your group or organization.

Block Captain Volunteer:  Become part of a grass roots volunteer network to help spread the word about the City's WaterWise Programs to your neighbors. Join the Block Captain Program and help us build a successful program in your neighborhood.

How to Become a Volunteer 
If you would like to register to be a Waterwise Volunteer for future events please visit the City of Frisco Volunteer page and complete the necessary volunteer registration information.

Have an Organization/Group?
We would love to help you create a unique WaterWise volunteer opportunity for you and your organization/group. See the “contact us” section below to inquire about more information.

Contact Us
Have questions or need any other assistance? Send an email to waterwise@friscotexas.gov.

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