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Board and Commission Appointees 

On Tuesday September 15, The City of Frisco, City Council appointed 43 people to serve on various Boards and Commissions. The appointed individuals are listed below.

If you were appointed to a position please fill out and return the following forms to the City Secretary’s Office as soon as possible. The forms can be scanned and e-mailed to: kmorrow@friscotexas.gov

      1. Affidavit of Residence: Affidavit of Residence.docx

      2. Background Check: Background Check.docx

      3. Public Access Information: Public Access Option Form.pdf

      4. Statement of Officer: Statement of Officer.docx

      5. Ethics Acknowledgment: See note below: Ethics Acknowledgement.doc

      6. State of Texas Open Meetings Training Certificate: See note below

      7. State of Texas Public Information Training Certificate: See note below

Note: The Ethics Acknowledgment requires each person to read/understand Ordinance 09-04-25 and Ordinance 09-10-62. The link to each Ordinance is below:

      Ordinance 09-04-25: 09-04-25.pdf

      Ordinance 09-10-62: 09-10-62.pdf

Note: The link below provides the information needed to complete the State of Texas Open Meetings Training Video and the State of Texas Public Information Training Video along with instructions on how to print both training certificates. Each appointee has 90 days from the day they were appointed to complete both State training videos.


Additionally, the Oath of Office form is required but must be sworn and notarized by the City Secretary or Board Liaison. The Oath of Office will be sent to you after you complete the above required forms and the Open Meetings Training.  

Click on the links below to view specific Boards and Commissions information:

Board of Adjustment/Construction Board of Appeals -

Place 1- Robert Livingston (1-year term expires 9/30/2016)

Place 3- Jeff Kershaw

Place 5- Doug Mousel

Place 7 (Alternate 2)- Brea Gates

Community Development Corporation (CDC) -

Place 1- James Hogan

Place 3- Tracy Gamble

Place 5- Michael Gfeller

Place7- Rene Sinclair

Convention Visitors Bureau -

Place 1 - Hotel Representative- (Vacant)

Place 3 – At-Large Representative- Tom Lewis

Place 5 – Retail- Jason Young

Place 7 - Downtown/Frisco Square Representative- Lara Hansen

Place 9 - Chamber of Commerce Rep- Randy Nichols

Place 11 - Ex-Officio- Charles Wright

Downtown Advisory Board -

Place 1 - Business or Property Owner- Mark Piper

Place 3 – Business or Property Owner- Richard Galvan

Place 5 - At-Large- Rebecca Schwemmer

Place 7 - At-Large- Matthew Calloway

Economic Development Corporation (EDC) -

Place 1- Gary Carley

Place 3- Rick Fletcher

Place 5- Barbara Williams

Place 7- Craig Moen

Housing Authority Board -

Place 1- Fred Lusk

Place 3- Lee Myrben

Place 5- Charles Yarbough

Parks & Recreation Board -

Place 1- Jacob Ryan

Place 3- Loren Sauer

Place 5- Monty Sands

Place 7- Sean Merrell

Planning & Zoning Commission -

Place 3- Robert Roberti

Place 4- Bryan Morgan

Place 5- Ed Kelly

Public Art Board -

Place 1- Chris Berthelot

Place 3- Troy Pelias

Place 5- Donna-Marie Schmittler

Place 7- Roger Belveal

Social Services and Housing Board -

Place 1- Jennifer Atwood

Place 3- Alex Parker

Place 5- Melissa Cameron

Place 7- Shane Gilmore

Urban Forestry Board -

Place 1- Houdini Abtahi

Place 3- Susan Austin

Place 5- Jaquana Jones

Place 7 - Robert Gallagher

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